Strategic and Pragmatic

Energy Regulation, Arbitration and Mediation


Expertise, Dedication and Efficiency


Following November 2020, Keith Miller transitioned from being a partner in Stikeman Elliott LLP to establishing his own boutique energy regulatory law practice. The transition is the result of reaching the partnership's retirement age. Being a retired partner does not necessarily translate into becoming a retired lawyer. In his case, far from it.

For almost the entirety of his legal career, Keith acted for clients involved in energy regulatory matters before provincial and federal authorities covering a vast array of subject matters, most of which were complex and some of which were extremely challenging. Overall, he found this to be tremendously stimulating and satisfying.

  The practice of law continues to remain interesting and stimulating to me. It is not only my career, but it is what drives me to want to continue working and to expand the scope of my practice.  

Moving Forward

I intend to practice law on a full-time basis, coupled with arbitration and mediation services.
I will continue strong, respectful and interpersonal relationships with clients.
I will continue to assist clients in navigating complex regulatory frameworks and related requirements.

I will continue to provide strategic and pragmatic legal advice based on a strong understanding of the industry sector involved, a client’s business fundamentals, and a client’s corporate culture, goals, and risk tolerance.

I will continue to provide dedicated and efficient legal services, with prompt turnaround, and tailored to the respective needs of each client.

Practice Areas

Power Regulation

Oil & Gas Regulation

Arbitration Services

Mediation Services